Best Picks Of jQuery Plugins For Web Developers

jQuery counts to be the first choice for web developers because it is easy to use and has various benefits. jQuery plugins are meant to enhance the front-end user experience to an advanced level. With the help of jQuery, developers will easily be able to modify font style, borders, background images, and color contrast along with addition of animations, music or videos.

jQuery Plugins

The latest version of jQuery is hitting the shelves and developers across the globe are  working towards the implementation of new features. With a great community of programmers that offers incredible solutions, jQuery app development makes it easy to use plugins that are organized into categories for easy browsing.

Given below are top 10 jQuery plugins that are highly useful for web developers. Let’s take a look:

Inline Form validation


Inline Form Validation jQuery Plugin

Creating forms is one of the most essential tasks in the creation of website design. There are multiple aspects that should be taken in view. One of the most irritating forms of form creation is the integration of validation plugins. The major difficulty that comes way is to find a proper validation plugin and use it in the form. The use of simple and powerful scripts will be helpful. This form validation plugin is a universal solution for the creation of all kinds of forms.

You can refer to tutorials and documentation about the script on the developer website to install the plugin. Inline form validation plugin is another free useful jQuery plugins with minimum CSS code. This form can be copied to the project. Developers just need to change the content in HTML file and offer some specific styles.

Material design hierarchical display

Material design hierarchical display jQuery Plugin

Hierarchical display animation effects can be used to attract the attention of users and lead them from one step to the other within a process. The animation used can also be tailored to accommodate design. It also features a great documentation to get visitors going.


ScrollMe jQuery Plugin

ScrollMe jQuery plugin allows the addition of simple scrolling effects to the web page. After integrating the plugin on your website, you will make it easier for users to rotate, scroll and translate the density of various elements on the website. The plugin is quite simple to get started and does not involve much technical know-how.


jInvertScroll jQuery Plugin

The plugin makes it easier to implement horizontal scrolling with a parallax effect. It is lightweight in nature and extremely easy to set up. It requires no configuration.


Lettering jQuery Plugin

This plugin is used for radical web typography. It allows you to animate every single character of the website individually in your own ways. This plugin gives you complete control over the website typography in a fashionable way.

It is an open source, free to use jQuery plugin that can be downloaded from the source file of lettering.js.


Tabslet jQuery Plugin

It is again a lightweight plugin that is easy-to-use. The plugin is compatible with almost all the latest browsers like IE7+, Chrome, Firefox, Safari and jQuery 1.8.1, 1.9.1, 1.11.0, 2.1.0.

It also supports custom events, rotation animation and controls. There are lots of functionality that come along when you install the plugin in your website.


jScrollability jQuery Plugin

The plugin features 3 effects that can be integrated to the other projects at ease. CSS coding offers basic styles that make it easier to customize the design. These effects add style to the look of the page.

Parallax scrolling is one of the popular effects used in present day websites. It allows the addition of some fresh style to your projects. Other than just speeding up the operation, it also works great when it comes to performance and enhancement.

Magnific Popup

Magnific Popup jQuery Plugin

It is also a lightweight jQuery plugin that focuses on both compatibility and performance. It is super quick in performance and works on multiple devices.

A responsive dialogue script is made available with the plugin that focuses on high performance and offers the best experience for users on any device.

Nanogallery 2

Nanogallery jQuery Plugin

This jQuery plugin supports creating advanced and quality-rich image galleries. When integrated on the website, it offers the best user experience. With an attractive image display, the plugin counts to be a great choice for both developers and designers. For the creation of attractive image galleries, choose Nanogallery2.

jQuery ArtDesign Slider

jQuery ArtDesign Slider Plugin

It is an image slider that resizes images with various dimensions. The plugin supports full height and width along with navigation control. 24 transition effects are made available with the plugin that makes it easy to resize and structure images.

Wrapping Text

So, this is all about the selection of free useful jQuery plugins that can easily be integrated in your website. By using these plugins, you can save a great deal of time and move ahead towards the development of a functional website.

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