White Screen

How to Fix WordPress White Screen of Death???

So, you have opened the WordPress site and what you have found is the complete white screen. Actually, that screen is known as the “white screen of death”. It’s very normal if you will face this kind of error while operating a WordPress site and almost every user had faced it once.

White Screen

If you really want to get rid of this issue and want to use the website like before then don’t try to click the back button.

In this article, we are going to tell you about several reasons and the solution which will help you to resolve the issue.

It would be better if we will start by knowing what is White Screen of Death.

What Is the White Screen of Death in WordPress?

There are times when the WordPress site doesn’t work properly and in an exact manner and that is why whenever any user or anyone else visits the site, they just see a simple white screen. And that is what is called the WordPress white screen of death.

In simple words, suppose your site is cycle and coding is the chain that is necessary to move it. But this white screen of death is the reason because of which chain comes off the ring. Now, you must put the chain again to use the cycle.

Hence, if you want to use the WordPress site working again, you must remove the error of the white screen of death.

Behind the issue, there can be numerous reasons and hence we must find out the reason first to solve the issue.

Easy Way to Resolve the Issue

For the people who are comfortable using FTP client, for them, the best option is to turn on the WP_Debug. By doing this, you will get to know about all the reasons behind the issue. And once you know the cause, it will be easy for you to troubleshoot it.

And for the people who are not comfortable using this method then can try the methods that have been given below.


Let us give you a little example of the same. We used to have a site of the Canon printer i.e. Canon Printer Offline and just because of some changes in plugins, the site start showing WordPress White Screen of death error. We tried several times to resolve the issue but every time we returned empty-handed. Then we must deactivate the plugin that we added recently and just after doing that the site starts working again.

In the printer’s case, the reasons behind the cause could be related to the router but in that case, you must explore everything from plugins to PHP.

The funny thing about the error is, nobody has died in real, it’s just the name of the error. And if you want to use your site again like before then you must deactivate some of the plugins.

Are you ready?

Soon after you will see the error of the White screen of death, try to remember what the last thing you did before the site stops working. There are chances that you did some of the changes in the following:

  • Activation of any plugin in the WordPress
  • Setting changing for an active plugin
  • Modify the backend code of any active WordPress plugins

In case you were doing some changes in any of these given plugins then we suggest you navigate to the plugins page and then deactivate the modifying plugin.

Is the issue got resolved now?

Now, check if all your content is in its previous form or not. If you want to modify any plugins back end code then we suggest you delete that from WordPress. After that upload the unmodified version of the same plugging through WordPress plugins dictionary.

We have seen several cases in which you can’t even deactivate the plugins because the white screen of death also appears in the WordPress dashboard. And in that case, not only your audience can’t see anything on your WordPress site but you also can’t do anything.

But don’t worry, we have a solution to almost everything. When you face any condition like the same then, in this case, you must use FTP client. And the reason behind that is, with the help of this you will get access to enter the WordPress files.

And once you will enter the WordPress file you can easily modify or deactivate the plugins.

After getting the FTP client and logged into the server with the help of credentials just follow the steps that have been given below:

  • Navigate to the address where you have located your WordPress file.
  • Open the folder of WP_content.
  • Now, you just must locate the plugins folder inside the WP_content.
  • Locate the plugin inside the plugins folder on which you have working just before the appearance of the white screen of death.
  • Now, you just must delete that plugin.
  • After doing the same, return to your WordPress site and refresh it.

We assure that you will now have the same site as you were working on.

Let us tell you that in the case of white screen scenarios the plugins are like the frequent offenders.

We hope that now you have all the necessary methods to resolve the issue. We have already provided you two ways, either you can solve the trouble through WordPress or you can use the FTP method. There are a few users who got the solution after trying the steps that are given above.

Hence, don’t use out of date plugins in your future. If you do so then you will be the only one who will end up facing WordPress White Screen of Death Trouble.

And in The End…

In the end, we just want to wish good luck. And we assure that if you will follow all the above steps in the exact same manner as given, you will get the solution.

Again, we are telling you to be careful while using the plugins.