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Which Social Media Metrics Really Matter?

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Social media represents a huge part of our lives. It was proved that they cause a type of addiction similar to one for drugs. A few studies proved and published the negative effects of using them, but when at seeing the results people just smile and continue to use them. Social media became a kind of guilty pleasure that has more and more addicts, from the youngest to the oldest ones.

It was also proved that the social sites are based on a motivational concept: they reward you when you don’t expect, so you increase your activity for more unexpected awards. Anyway, social media can be seen as a huge power and also a huge freedom at the same time.


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License: Image author owned

As we all know it, is the most popular social site. It has a lot of features that are basic for people: like, comment and share. Each one of us has the right to like, to share (Ito feel the same) or to comment something. It is very useful for the ones who have this need of being listened to or to express their opinion at every mentioned point by anyone. It is also a full service for the spirit. You can share your thoughts, music, films, blogs, and food.

You can create pages that anyone can like. You can even play games and get a score higher than your friends did. Facebook has the biggest number of users from the Internet. On Facebook you can create a complete profile so after someone looks up on your profile he can know parts of your personality and can sketch a picture of your mind.

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Zinzzchat, it has its own theme and its own concepts, even if they can be “translated” to Facebook features. You can also complete your profile with precious info about yourself like what do you prefer when you talk about books, films, arts, music etc.

You can also follow the ones you like: friends or celebrities. You can be up to date with what is fresh in your favorite’s musician life and you can share if you feel the same. Zinzzchat too gives you the opportunity to create a complete profile so the person who reads it can know basic info about you as a person.


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YouTube is different. You can upload only videos; the only picture you upload is the one for the avatar. On YouTube you can upload videos (so you share them), you can comment and like them. Liking them means adding them to a playlist named “Favorites”, so you can play your favorites anytime you want on any device that supports YouTube’s format (because they are stored online).

You can also create as many playlists as you want, so you can manage them by the genre or the occasion you want to play them at. You can even make a top of your most listened songs. You can also have a history of the videos you watched so you never lose them.

Well, it seems like the social media sites are the best tools in expressing yourself in your society, because everyone talks about them even in real life! What’s online doesn’t always stay online.

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