The Wisdom Of Working With SEO Companies One At A Time

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The truth behind every SEO campaign

A lot of the effort involved in any SEO campaign goes towards things like analysis, development, strategy, and data collection. The process usually begins with the analysis stage, after which a strategy is developed and implemented. During the campaign and after it is completed the resulting data is collected, and the process begins again with the analysis of this data.

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License: Royalty Free or iStock

Does it have to be done by one person / group?

In short, yes.  Some situations may be special cases, but for the vast majority it is far more appropriate to limit the number of people directly affiliated with your SEO processes.  One on one focus is essential check out

Working with multiple SEO companies = ??

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How useful do you think it would be to have several SEO companies or individual providers working on your site’s SEO at one time?

Do you think you would have a chance of ranking higher in a shorter amount of time, or do you think it would be a case of having too many hands involved?

Imagine that you do hire more than one SEO provider (individuals, firms or a combination of both) to work on your website’s SEO. Sometime down the line your website receives a penalty -let’s say it’s for low-quality links- and you’re trying to figure out your strategy for recovering from the penalty.

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Who is the source of the poor quality links? How can you tell which company / individual built them? And one of the most important questions of all if what are you going to do about the situation moving forward?

As difficult as it might be, you might be faced with the decision to end your contracts with your current providers and go to work removing and disavowing any number of the links that were built on your behalf. This might be frustrating and time consuming, but also expensive because not only have you paid the SEOs to build links for you, but now you might have to pay someone to help you remove them, or pay webmasters to get the links taken down.

One-on-one wins the day

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License: Royalty Free or iStock

All of this might seem worrisome, but don’t let it scare you away from doing business with an SEO provider. Instead, let it serve as a hypothetical lesson that illuminates the wisdom of only working with a single SEO provider at a time.

As we said before, there are rare cases of companies working with multiple providers who seem to be getting along quite well with their arrangement. And maybe it works for them – for the average business we still recommend only working with a single provider because not only is it easier for you as a business owner to manage, but it also minimizes the risk of miscommunications and other errors.

Even in cases where providers are collaborating, chances are very low that everyone will come up with the exact same strategy and recommendations even if everyone has the exact same data to work with. Most companies use their own data collection methods though, so even this chance is slim.

Different providers will also have different ideas of how to approach your site’s SEO strategy and when / how to execute it. With timing being such a crucial element of SEO it can also be difficult for providers to communicate effectively between one another in order to pull off the best possible timing for your strategy.

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