11 Top Reasons Why WordPress is the Most Popular CMS

WordPress The Popular CMS
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WordPress was released in 2003, and from that time, it has become the most popular CMS for everyone who is seeking to build a website.

Popular CMS

Do you know about 30% of the entire internet runs on this WordPress CMS? So, it would not be wrong to say that WordPress rules the internet world.

Now, it is important to know the reasons behind the immense popularity of WordPress as a Content Management System.

WordPress helps the users to create, manage, update as well as organize their blogs and websites by making use of several tools. According to the Google Trends reports, WordPress is about 9 times more popular than Drupal.

11 Reasons Why WordPress is The Most Popular CMS

Also, the top brands focus on making use of WordPress to save a lot of cost and time for development. This is because this platform is simple, easy, and accessible. You’d be surprised to know that there are many other reasons why this platform is so popular in recent days.

There are many reasons behind this popularity. Therefore, in the below-mentioned section, you will find some of the important reasons as to why WordPress is regarded as the most popular CMS on the internet.

Reason #1. Open-Source Platform

The best thing about WordPress is that it is an open-source platform. This means that you can do anything that you wish to do with it.

You can easily connect WordPress to your servers, extend it, download it and also experiment with it in your way. Not only that, but you get the option to change it as well.

All that you need is to visit the roots of WordPress for accessing the core of the software and make certain edits.

Reason #2. Ease of Use

Built on WordPress

Among the other CMS that are available in the internet world, i.e., Drupal and Joomla, WordPress is the simplest and easiest one to use. With WordPress, it is super easy to build a website.

Also, this does not require any prior knowledge of coding and complex programs. Not only that, but you will find it very much convenient to change the functionality, content, and layout of the websites that are built on WordPress.

Again, a person with very little information about the website creation can conveniently use the standard WordPress dashboard.

Reason #3. Easy Updates

Updates are a must for the effective working of any software. Other than that, updating software contributes to play an integral role in securing any website. The best part about the popular CMS WordPress is that it is very easy to update and you can tweak it with a single click.

Reason #4. Speed and Efficiency

If you have used WordPress before, then you must be familiar with its speed and efficiency. WordPress development is popular for its 5-minute installation. You can upload your content and pictures in this CMS within minutes only.

Reason #5. Innovative

The innovation is something that makes WordPress a stable platform to effectively cater to the diverse needs of a wide range of audiences. This CMS is known for it providing some amazing features to website users and admin.

WordPress has a large community of members who make use of the best technology to ensure safety and frequently update their software. Apart from that, they also immediately fix any glitches in this CMS.

Reason #6. Multi-User Approach

If you are a medium-sized or large organization, then you may not find very much difficulty running a website and keep it updated.

Again, the good news is that with WordPress website development, you would be able to make your website accessible to multiple users in diverse roles. This will ensure the efficient running of your website.

With a WordPress site, you have diverse user roles such as Administrator, Contributor, Editor, Subscriber, etc. As a result, this allows people to access the website and make sure that it is working properly even when you are not available.

If you want, you can also restrict their access. Each of the roles has a completely different responsibility. So, you should have a clear idea about all those responsibilities before starting with WordPress.

Reason #7. SEO-Friendly

WordPress Website SEO

Search engines always prefer WordPress websites. So, WordPress is considered to be great for SEO. Due to this specific reason, it has become the most popular CMS in the internet world.

It is also known that search engines crawl WordPress websites more deeply than the websites that are built on any other platform.

The reason behind this can be the easy and simple code in WordPress. The search engines use this code to easily comprehend and index the content of the website.

Every time you add new content or update existing content of your website, WordPress notifies search engines about this automatically with the help of its Ping feature. After that, the search engines read this updated content to understand and know more about this.

Some other SEO-friendly features of WordPress include its permalink structure, the option to make your URL keyword-rich, etc. All of these features of WordPress tend to make your website SEO rich.

WordPress also possesses a proper HTML markup which works great for websites.

Also, the specific way in which WordPress makes use of the headings and title tags makes it distinct from the other CMS. This renowned CMS also helps to produce optimized images.

You also get some free SEO plugins that can be used to create an XML sitemap. This is automatically generated and WordPress submits it to Google. So, you do not have to do anything.

This proves that WordPress is a content-driven CMS, which makes it a good choice for your business and work.

Reason #8. Exciting Themes

Themes are considered to be one of the most integral aspects of any blog or website. With WordPress design and development, you get access to a lot of exciting themes. So, you can use any of the themes of your choice to create a good-looking website using the popular CMS WordPress.

Reason #9. Fast Installation Process

You will find that the installation process of WordPress software is very fast. It only takes 5 minutes to automatically install WordPress websites through web hosting companies. Also, the process of manual installation takes less than an hour.

Reason #10. Scalability

The number of new pages or blog posts, you add to a WordPress website does not affect its speed. So, you would be able to add thousands of blog posts and new pages easily without hurting website speed.

Reason #11. Helps to Save Money

Save Money

WordPress is completely free to use. It contributes to providing a lot of the free stuff like 27,000 + plugins and 20,000 + themes. All of these helps to save your money.

The plugins that are offered by WordPress helps to effectively improve the functionality of your website. It also provides themes with the help of which, you can change the overall look and feel of your website.

Final Verdict

So, it is evident from the above-mentioned points that WordPress is still considered to be the most popular CMS choice for websites.

This CMS will continue to grow bigger in the upcoming years. This is the right time to hire expert WordPress developers to create a feature-rich website for your business.

But you should always be well informed about any of the technology updates in WordPress. This will ensure the safety of your WordPress website.

Myself, Vaibhav S is a Founder and Editor-in-Chief of TechnoGiants, working Software Professional, and an avid lover of Software's and Web Services. I love computers and also love to write and share about Tech-related Stuff, Computers etc with others.

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