SEO Trends

4 Top and Best SEO Trends to Expect in 2018

Following fashion trends may be inadvisable by fashion gurus, but we cannot say the same thing for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) marketing. If there is one thing where you must trend watch, it must be with SEO, because you cannot apply the same strategies all the time. The SEO trends regularly change, so you must be on your toes to keep up with them if you want to succeed.

SEO Trends

The entry of multimedia on online advertisements has been the highlight of 2017, with more people getting engaged with this type of content. It used to be that texts ruled online marketing. In time, though, with people unsatisfied with reading line after line of texts, advertisers had to look for ways to be creative. Thus, photos, videos, and infographics embedded in articles became popular.

But publishing photos, videos, and infographics is not as easy as 1-2-3. Quality is a top priority, and so you have to be ready to invest time and resources for every production. Because of the high demand for advertisements like these, there is a tight competition for every SEO and digital marketing company to succeed and to gain a loyal client base.

Aside from multimedia, the year 2017 also brought us social media influencers. It is a new marketing strategy where companies partner up with famous bloggers and celebrities to promote their products. Promotion can come in the form of this personality posting a photo of the smoothie that he/she has taken for breakfast while saying “Thank you” to this company he/she’s in partnership with.

This type of new tactic is one of the company’s ways to get away with tacky advertising. Promotion is published in a slightly sublime way. The audience is meant to be inspired; not to be pushed with ads. The idea is to give away a genuine love for this brand, with this celebrity showing that he/she is personally using this company’s products.

As we welcome 2018, what SEO trends must we be on the lookout for? Here are some of them:

1. Social media influencers taking a different direction

While social media influencers have been popular in recent years, the quality of influencers doing brand promotions has noticeably gone down through the years. In the past, only popular models, celebrities, and bloggers had the opportunity to be in partnership with brands. In time, though, with the rise of blogging and vlogging, more people had to build their brands online as well.

However, social media influencing has become mainstream these days, and it does not enjoy the massive impact that it used to have. The coming 2018 will see a move towards a high quality of social media influencers, with companies now becoming pickier with whom they want to partner with.

2. Mobile is king

Having a mobile version of your website used to be optional. These days, having a site built for smartphones and tablets is mandatory. You cannot thrive online without targeting mobile users because more people now use their phones to browse the internet. If you only used the automatic feature of publishing a mobile version of your desktop site, then make sure to revisit the layout to ensure it is the best version you can produce.

3. The rise of voice search

Text search has always dominated the way we search for information online. These days, voice search is increasingly gaining traction because of the popularity of digital assistants like Alexa and Siri. Especially for smartphone users, voice search is the go-to for multi-taskers who need to search online as they do something else like driving or cooking.

As the tasks that digital assistants can do become diverse, companies must look into integrating voice search on their sites. For example, text articles can be made shorter, so they get perfectly paired up with voice search. Writing in an active voice also helps as it sounds more natural when the voice search feature is used.

4. The need for high-quality content

Search engines are now giving a premium on sites that publish high-quality articles. Gone are the glory days of irrelevant content, low-quality backlinks, and shady promotions and affiliate links. Before, publishing content regularly was important. The more you post, the more you can increase your search engine ranking. These days, however, the case is different. Even if you post often, but if you cannot offer quality content, search engines may not give you a second look.

Integrity is now vital with search engines, so if you want to increase your ranking, give some time to plan your content. You may also consider hiring an SEO writer for this task so you can focus on the other aspects of your company.

Do not just focus on placing photos, videos, and infographics. The text is also crucial because it is how search engines get to know more about you.

We’ve learned a lot of SEO trends and marketing lessons from 2017. We can learn from our mistakes to move forward with better strategies for 2018. Keep up with SEO trends and plan your tactics so your branding will become coherent, consistent, and memorable.

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