The Secret to Online Marketing Success In SEO


Online content marketing that attracts attention, grows the company and builds loyal customer relationships. That is said to be successful content marketing. There are so many questions like what makes successful content marketing? How do you achieve online marketing success? Through in-depth market research? Technical or affordable SEO expertise? Advanced use of the CRM? Or very expensive influencer campaigns or marketing videos?


No. The answer is Knowledge, which determines successful marketing! You need to be creative, and simply good enough, to understand what works for the company.

How do you develop a content marketing strategy that makes the company shine?

You can find some interesting tips below for online marketing success:


Imagine yourself as an actor and try to be in the shoes of the company. In this way, you come to the essence of what the company stands for. See the world through the eyes of the company. What does that world look like?

Of course, a company is not a person. But it is an identity. A company has a purpose and vision, a system of values, a voice, and a company is just like other entities that can change over time. A company can have both faces, a success and a failure. And every company has its own unique brand story.

The identity

Therefore, define the identity of the company. The company probably has a vision, a mission, a set of core values ??and a favorite tone of voice. All these are originated from somewhere and evolved through further along the way. For the brand story, it is necessary to get to the core. That is why you must take the time and think deeply to come to a ‘lifelike’ image about the personality of the company. You can also get help from

Online Marketing Success

The objectives

A similar exercise can be used for the objectives and values ??of the company. In addition to determining identity, the company’s brand story needs to answer the following important questions:

  • Why does the company exist? What is the goal?
  • What happened, what is history? What have the founders done to make it a success? What challenges did they face? Which solutions did they choose? How did the organization react on the way to every high point and low point?
  • Who are the primary characters who created the brand, and who have helped and contributed to success over the years?

What does this have to do with developing an effective marketing strategy? Without a crystal-clear idea of ??brand personality, the brand story of the organization quickly becomes just a story of some export company or just another grower. It becomes general and unobtrusive. And so, the strategy used will also be general and unobtrusive and it will be ineffective.

Understand the customers

To arrive at an effective strategy, it is also important to understand the public or the customer. Do you have the ideal customer in mind? Then refine it or split the ideal customer into multiple personas. Each with its specific wishes. Most marketers agree that these personas should be examined every few months and they should be evaluated and possibly revised.

Ask yourself questions

How can you make the personas better? You saw it coming, even more questions! You must take the time to think again to answer the following questions:

  • What are the interests of customers?
  • Which content do customers prefer?
  • What questions do the cleats ask on social media, in surveys, and at fairs?
  • What do customers encounter? what are their pains?
  • What are the goals of the customers?
  • What information do they need?


Take the time to figure out what is the thing that moves a customer. What problem or problems do you solve for the customer? To find out, it is necessary to talk a lot with customers, but more importantly to listen. After a customer has made a purchase, send an email. Ask for feedback. Also, interact with social channels such as Facebook and Instagram. For example, make a post in which you call for sending a photo of a nice arrangement. Ask to share experiences. Attach a price to it. In this way you not only involve the customers, but you also gather important information about the products or services.

Look around you

And finally, if you want to know how to develop a successful marketing strategy like no other, look at other brands and companies that have launched successful marketing campaigns with their content.

  • Look at the popular blogs – what makes that blog different from others?
  • How do others use their content? For example, how do they deal with personal events? Do they use live video? Do they use influencers? And which tone of voice do they use on social media or websites?
  • Research not only successful companies in floriculture, but also outside of it. How do they interact with their customers? Would you appreciate this content if you were in their sector? Why or why not?
  • Read articles and newsletters from leading marketing sites. You will be inspired by staying up to date with the latest trends in content marketing and keeping abreast of the possibilities. The fantasy is stimulated.

Final Verdict!!!

With a detailed knowledge of the unique personality of the brand, you can find your audience and the endless possibilities of good content, you are now ready to develop a highly effective marketing strategy! A strategy for online marketing success that can give the company a huge boost. You can also take an affordable SEO package.

Myself, Vaibhav S is a Founder and Editor-in-Chief of TechnoGiants, working Software Professional, and an avid lover of Software's and Web Services. I love computers and also love to write and share about Tech-related Stuff, Computers etc with others.
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