Give Your Brand a Unique Identity with a Website Built on WordPress

Business is an activity which is done to earn some profits. So every move taken should be very calculative as any wrong move will result in additional expenses to the company. For a business to prosper, the proper promotion has to be done. Today, being the age of the internet, every businessman sees that his company has a website on its name which contains all the details related to the company and its activities. So, he requires a platform or web server which is very flexible and does not require much time on the creation of a website or related things. I feel WordPress is an ideal solution in such cases.


WordPress – The open-source content management system

WordPress is an application which provides a solution and acts as an open-source content management system. It mainly works on PHP and MySQL base and can be installed on any internet-based system. There are two ways of using WordPress. It can be installed on a web server as a network server itself which acts as a host. In simple words, you can install it on other internet hosting service and make use of WordPress facilities, or you can install it directly on WordPress Server which is the network server itself. The credit of this excellent application has to be given to Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little. The usage of WordPress application is popular as it provides various facilities which are more beneficial than other applications.

1.) A business website can be setup using WordPress which includes database and initial setup options in very less time. The website can further be customized using the themes available.   The plugin facilities help you to generate a necessary XML sitemap, and the same can be registered in 3 or more search engines which is very difficult in case of HTML sitemaps. Once the network links are done, it is challenging to make any changes, but the WordPress application is so flexible that in case of requirements minor changes to the links can be done. One ideal solution is that one has to visit www.WordPress.com and register the company’s name and create an account as a business website.

2.) WordPress is mainly famous for its content management. For a business website, the content related to the product should be main aim and the content posted should be unique and very educative and attractive as well. A detailed description regarding the product and its uses has to be mentioned. The website should also take care of the blogs. The blogs have to be posted very frequently with new content to maintain the interest of the browser. Relevant photos also have to be posted along with the content or blogs to make it more interesting.

3.) The theme facility in WordPress helps the user to design the website himself. This results in a reduction of cost to the businessman on hiring a web designer.

4.) Plugin facilities in WordPress which are useful for a business website:

  1. NextGen Gallery plugin can be used for photo management. Photos or videos related to the products may be posted. The company’s achievements can be mentioned along with relevant photos to boost up the company image. The photos of the founders of the enterprise can be added as an additional touch.
  2. A review plays an important role. Review Box plugin in WordPress gives the option for users to discuss or blog. No matter whether the review about the product is good or bad, it has to be delicately handled as both are accessible to everyone all over the world. All negative or bad reviews are to be taken care of in the interest of business prosperity.
  3. E-commerce plugin is a plugin for online transactions. The business website should have an option to sell the products. Now when the selling activity is there, the payment also has to be accepted. This is where the usage of PayPal comes into the picture. All you need to do is to create a post which consists of some customized fields, and the selling process is on. Almost anything can be sold using PayPal. Previously this concept was used for the sale of art pieces, but now it is used for everything. When WP short codes plugin is used, one can easily add PayPal option in the website. Further, eShop Plugin comes with features like multiple payment options, automatic email communication on every successful purchase, multiple options for products, stats, and various shipping options.

5.) WordPress application being Search engine friendly helps in sorting out many SEO problems.

6.) The businessman can create good videos related to the product with proper voice over and post it in on social media networks like YouTube. NextGen Gallery plugin for WordPress is the best solution for this work. This way the businessman can promote his product on social media also using WordPress application. The reason behind using WordPress application is that the time taken to operate using the application is less and not complicated as other applications.

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Myriad range of Plugins

There are other Plugins such as WP Link Directory Plugin, Article Directory Plugin, Page Flip Image Gallery Plugin, Member wing Plugin available in WordPress which can be made use of as and when necessary by the businessman.  No matter what you do, the ultimate output is what that matters. Ensure not to overdo things in greed to capture the market. WordPress application is a source which can help you in developing your business website and to maintain it. A proper usage of any application will always be beneficial to anyone.

Vaibhav S
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