A Remote DBA Expert Can Enhance Your WordPress Blog’s Performance with Better Database Management


SQL is a popular as well as professional database platform that has been extensively used these days for hosting business data online. It is commonly combined with PHP, and it is easy to work with. Professionals, having knowledge of SQL can easily establish a database for a business, especially online based business. Eyeing on its wide ranges of benefits, WordPress website owners are advised to use this database platform or framework for database management. This robust database framework will enhance blog performance. At the same time, it will provide more seamlessness in database management.


Not just web development, but for developing modern as well as agile web-based applications, this database platform has been used. It gives a solid security layer outside the cluster of web data. As a result, data stay safe and easy to be accessed. Nevertheless, using this database platform is a cost-effective decision too. Unlike other database platforms, it is affordable as well as inexpensive. For contemporary WordPress based website designing or even web application developing, using this database management framework is always suggested.

SQL for Different Job Roles

SQL is not just used as the database platform for a website or web application; it has a lot of other extensive uses. Different industry professionals have to deal with it. They need to understand different aspects and applications of proper database management. Different people within the organization have to deal with database planning as well as a management process. Here is a look at those positions.

  • Product Managers: Product managers must have expert knowledge of SQL database system. This helps them to categorize as well as organize the products as per the serial numbers, availability, and other parameters.
  • Data Analysts: It is obvious for data analysts to under the MYSQL database in order to handle the data collected by the business executives.
  • Data Scientists: Those, who research on data, should know the use of this advanced database server.
  • Data Engineers: behind every data pipeline, data engineers are considered as the mastermind. This is why knowing SQL is important for them.

Prerequisites for Using MySQL

The major challenge for SQL database platform is that more advanced database management platform is available today. Thus, use of SQL is getting shirked. Instead of using SQL, web developers or other data operators prefer to work with MySQL or advanced version of SQL. However, it is still important to learn SQL, as that gives the basic knowledge on database platform. This basic understanding is imperative to learn the advanced SQL versions.

WordPress based website owners can easily manage their web-based data with a seamless open source database framework. For that purpose, using MYSQL is always suggested or recommended. Apart from this, Hadoop is another popular framework for database management. It is cost-effective, robust and simple to be used.You can visit RemoteDBA.com to get in touch with experts of MySQL services.

Reducing Data Volume

The WordPress based blog or website will perform well when database volume is reduced. The small database will help to manage the database with more convenience. It will fetch more seamlessness. It will eventually make the database management process more organized as well as easier to handle. For small businesses, it is always good to know about different tricks to reduce data volume. It will eventually prove to be hassle-free and highly cost-effective for small-scale businesses.

Backup on Separate Server

The easiest or simplest way of reducing the size of the data or volume of data is to go for the backup process on the separate server. For seamless data backup, this is absolutely important. Basically, piling the data on a single server, especially on the server where the website has been hosted makes the website slow in performance. With increasing data, web performance goes down. This is why old data should be moved to other backup servers. It will not destroy any data, but at the same time, it will keep the web performance seamless and robust. Different data hosted on the different server can easily be managed through the integration of MySQL or other advanced database management system.

Delete Unnecessary Things

WordPress website users would get a lot of comments, and they could be spam. If you notice spam messages as pending comments on the WordPress web page, you must clean those spam messages. Deleting them forever will cause no harm rather it will prove to be highly beneficial. It will make web performance even more seamless as well as effective. In order to make web performance flawless, other techniques can also be used. Those techniques are discussed below. But, it is essential to remove all unnecessary things after time to time. For example, spam comments, inbox messages, and various other unworthy files should be deleted so that more free space remains on the server and this will keep website performance optimal.

MySQL Queries for Data Size Decreasing

In order to reduce the size of data, MySQL database server can be used. With the implementation of this database management system, it will be easier to deal with data. It will be easier to find data in the right place. It will also be easier to manage data with accuracy. The only problem is that implementing this open source platform seamlessly for database management. It is robust and highly effective for database controlling and managing.

Optimizing the Database

The database needs to be optimized. It has to be checked time to time and then updated. The motto should be identifying the data that are no more important for the business. You need to remove the data that will not contribute anytime for the business anymore. For optimizing the database, experts may be required. A person having knowledge in database handling or management will do the job with perfection.


For a WordPress based website, database management is important and for that MySQL can be used. Apart from bringing seamlessness in database management, it also helps in reducing the data volume. With the reduced volume of data on the server, website performance gets better.

Myself, Vaibhav S is a Founder and Editor-in-Chief of TechnoGiants, working Software Professional, and an avid lover of Software's and Web Services. I love computers and also love to write and share about Tech-related Stuff, Computers etc with others.

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