Do employees have a workplace identity


Work environments today have turned out to be extremely fast-paced and subsequently, it is more crucial than ever before for an employee to actively work on one’s own natural talent and be well-educated about workplace dynamics.

Identity means by which we see ourselves, awareness of one’s strength and limitation requires a keen observation of self. Research on how organizations come to develop an identity for themselves recommends that they depend on the feedback they receive about the way others outside the organization perceive it to interpret and develop the organizational identity. Identity development, therefore, is a dialectical process based on feedback from stakeholders in the social context and a dynamic interpretation of this feedback by the associations. Profession development of an employee is as much a duty of the individual as it is of the organization.


A comparable guideline would apply if we somehow managed to identity development at an individual level. At the working environment, people get different sort of data or criticism about their own particular skill, the commitment they make through their work to society and their personal worth in society because of the work they do. This data demonstration acts like a mirror for us to know what we are good at, what we are esteemed for and what our standing is in particular organizations. This gets reflected in our sense of identity and personal competence.

There could be two sorts of crises inside associations that could be important for identity. Right off the bat, working individuals could encounter a personal crisis showed in a sentiment not being esteemed by the association, feeling stressed out because of the fear of evaluation. The second sort of crisis for identity could emerge when the association is changing. For instance, when the environment changes and associations choose to downsize or scale back the employees to remain competitive, employees confront the crisis of retaining their jobs and staying employable. For this purpose, many organizations use employee monitoring software to track their employees’ activities and evaluate their performance. It also helps to make the work environment better & healthy.

On the other chance that we are known for having expertise in a specific domain that mastery turns into our identity inside the association and is specifically connected to our sense of confidence and self-adequacy to complete a task. Being known for a particular characteristic for skill inside an association also acts as a source of power for the individuals. Hence, it’s tremendously useful for every person to effectively work on building a unique identity for oneself inside the association. Be that as it may, a large portion of us are at a misfortune with regards to actually devising an action plan for doing this.

There are few activity designs we can talk about here. Mindfulness is the initial step for any sort of development activity. By looking for input effectively or being interested in feedback from others expanded self-awareness and in the long run building up a unique identity for ourselves. The second step of building up an individual identity requires working and making a consonance between one’s image and one’s identity. The input we seek from others fills various needs and serves multiple purposes. It enables us to change a few aspects of ourselves that may impede the advancement of a one of a unique personality for us. Self-acknowledgement is the way to development, when it is joined with mindfulness prompts the advancement of the tranquil trust in ourselves.

Creating skills in activities that depend on our own advantages and interests guarantee that we are great at what we do. When we realize what we are good at, we have to outline individual abilities with the skills that are imperative for the associations. Developing aptitudes that are important and yet scarce to find will increase an individual’s visibilities and worth in organizations. At the same time, one likewise needs to deal with developing an identity in light of skills that are essential and more imperative for the association and additionally mapped to one’s personal capabilities and interests.

Skills would be important for an organization to reach its goal, and it is also probable that relatively fewer people possess this skill making the person indispensable for the organizations. A person who is discerning of these dialectics of character progression is better outfitted to manage both the sort of emergencies – Personal or Organizational. These endeavors would empower a win-win circumstance for the employee and also the business.

Myself, Vaibhav S is a Founder and Editor-in-Chief of TechnoGiants, working Software Professional, and an avid lover of Software's and Web Services. I love computers and also love to write and share about Tech-related Stuff, Computers etc with others.
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