How A Good Website Design Impacts Your SEO?


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one of the important factors for any business that works online. But there are many who do not realize that SEO needs to be strategized in the web designing process.


Web design can affect SEO in different ways. So, it is essential to implement the web design into your marketing attempts because it leaves a monumental impact on your site. Good web design will go beyond the aesthetic; hence it would be easy for the users as well as search engines to navigate your site.

Note: – Google always ranks websites that are user-friendly.

Why do you need responsive web design?

If you are not one of those, who reap the SEO rewards with upgrading responsive website development, then go through the below-mentioned pointers:-

  • Improves The Site’s Usability

Responsive web design makes your site much easier for the user to navigate and read. If the users cannot navigate your page, then it is unlikely for the users to stick around. Good scores of the usability will generate the leads with repeated customers & increased conversions. The traffic and the positive reviews boost in the searches of the brand and therefore, impacts the ranking of the site.

The digital marketing agencies and businesses should be vigilant about the customer’s experience and conversion.

  • Hosting

Another known ranking factor is the loading time of the page. One needs to make sure that the site needs to be completely optimized. This will load the page quickly. The constant message from Google favour the search result of fast loading websites. Be specific about the platforms. The great example is WP Engine, this provides a tailored platform to WordPress sites.

  • Curtail Bounce Rate

The Bounce rate can be termed with “time-on-site”. Google checks the behavior of the user like visitors backtrack, leaving the site. Suppose a user spends less time on your site, then Google will interpret it as the visitor did not find the relevant information, services or product on your site. Hence, the ranking decreases.

It is not only the content that engages the visitors but also the design. If your content is magnificent, but your design counters easy comprehension, then the users will soon leave the site.

  • Duplicate Content

Google’s algorithm is intelligent but still, it requires direction, so that it may focus on the important part of the content. You need to develop a website that works well with mobile devices. The problem arises when the URL of mobile and desktop is the same nevertheless, there is a different URL. Hence, the content that is found to be duplicated in this case can harm the ratings.

If you do not mark the essential content that needs to be indexed, then Google will decide by itself. Hence, make sure that you index the vital part of the content.

  • Boost Social Sharing

A site that is not optimized for the users of smartphones and web will face challenges in convincing the users to navigate the poorly and awkward designed buttons of social sharing, which is purely designed for desktop use. Even though social shares do not directly impact the ranking, but it will surely help to grow the audience.

Point to ponder- The bigger audience means more engagement and traffic.

  • Domains

Ensure that your domain relates and make sense of what you do. Make sure that all the sub-domains and variations point towards the main site and redirects into a single recognized version of the website.

  • Content Management System

The CMS that you select for your business will hugely influence your growth. WordPress is the best option but is certainly not the only one. It is wired in the basic level; hence the Google can understand it easily.

Zip with Mobile-friendly designs

These days, popular search is done via mobile phones. We live in the mobile era. Therefore, the site should be optimized for the search engines considering the layout of mobiles for the website. Google is blessed with numerous tools for the usability of mobile phones, moreover, Search Console (Google’s web services that optimize the visibility of the site as well as check the indexing status) keeps the detailed report of the problem in a page-by-page level.

Search Console focuses on the following issues of mobile usability: –

  • Usage of flash
  • Non-configured Viewport
  • Viewport of fixed-width
  • Content which is not sized with the Viewport.
  • Poor font size
  • Too loose touch elements.
  • Interstitial usage

From the perspective of SEO, it is noted that mobile -friendly websites rank more in the mobile search. So, work hard to optimize the experience of the user for mobile phones. You will surely reap an award for your hard work in terms of user engagement and SEO.

Final Note

To conclude, focus on the imperative areas to develop a website that is sweltering fast as well as offers pleasure to use. Develop a strategic plan to design your website. Improved visibility will surely boost the conversion rates.

Myself, Vaibhav S is a Founder and Editor-in-Chief of TechnoGiants, working Software Professional, and an avid lover of Software's and Web Services. I love computers and also love to write and share about Tech-related Stuff, Computers etc with others.

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