Modern Technology is Changing our Lives. But how?

Modern Technology

Modern technology has a lot of impact on our lives. It has made our lives easier, faster and more efficient than ever. Technology was invented for the betterment of human life in all aspects. It is a necessity of our lives that we cannot live without. Every step ahead is somehow related to technology of different means and types.

Modern Technology


Modern technology has both, negative and positive effects on our life. Positive being, it has changed the way we live and whatever we do. Business and education bloom with the help of technology. Artificial intelligence and robotics that are present here in our lives assist to move forward. Our creativity, productivity and problem solving capabilities have improved.

Modern technology plays a major role in the ease in communication and in the availability of information via different routes. If taken negatively, we ourselves have turned into robots, with our eyes fixed on devices. Some of us depend on technology so badly that they cannot carry on a single task without using gadgets. Disadvantages of technology include cyberbullying, sexting, scams and violent online games.

Sharing personal information in wrong areas could turn out to be dangerous for many individuals as online predators may misuse your identity. Using devices more than one should, effects eyesight, weight and overall health. Many people become couch potatoes as they do everything with the help of technology and lethargy does not allow them to exercise.

Modern technology has increased the discovery of new devices like smart watches etc. making everything more effective along with fun. The changes that technology has bought are not felt by us, as the transformation is gradual. Modern technology has advanced everything that revolves around us from communication to education and from behaviour to business. Technology helps teachers to provide information to their students effectively and interestingly. Students are not left bored in their classrooms. Communication is made faster and media is modernized into much more than a newscast now.

Here are some points by which we can understand how modern technology has improved our lives:

Education: Modern technology has made the ways of teaching and learning easier. In previous times access to information was difficult and thus teaching was less resourceful. Students had a hard time searching for what they wanted in the libraries. It was time consuming, tiring and most importantly new researches and articles were not available as soon as they are now. Online schooling is becoming more popular as time passes. Many people achieve online degrees as they find going to the university or college difficult.

Communication: Due to different methods that are present for us, communication is made faster and easier. With the presence of video conference tools, fast texting, free calling and mobile apps socializing is now better than it was ever before. Previously, post offices were used for snail mails, that took a lot of time while now emails and messages are sent in seconds across the world, from one place to another. Money is transferable, bills are paid and pays are received through mobile phones, when at home. Travelling is made easier due to modern technology as well as Air conditioning is made common in automobiles.

Habits and addictions: As time passes, we are getting addicted to applications on our mobile phones, televisions and other devices that aid us in activities of daily life. We are habitual of everything we use as we have been doing things with the help of these devices for a long time. Teens and kids are indulged in internet using and games which trouble their parents as it may affect their brain development and creativity.

Business processes and systems: Latest technology is modernizing how we do business. Many of the things have been automated in organizations and businesses. Less effort and more income is the main objective, focused on by business men thus causing an extensive use of technology. This factor may be a disadvantage that is unnoticed. Unemployment rate is increasing with time all around the world and as technology flourishes this issue will grow even more. For this to effect on a lower level, science technology education is a necessity for the upcoming population. Employees can affect the business of negative use of technology is opted, such as watching videos all day long instead of concentrating on work. But on the other side, the productivity and quality of everything is made better with the help of technology.

Cloud storage: DVDs, USBs and hard drives were used to store data, videos and images but now cloud storage is introduced which is easy and more reliable. You do not have to spend money on buying storage devices or expensive business applications, it is all free now. It is easy to maintain, with lesser effort and lesser money expenditure.

Human behaviour: Human behaviour changes according to the environment. Our lives are fast due to the technology we use and thus we are used to faster results. If we have slow internet for example, we cannot bear it. Our patience levels are decreasing. We have made our social applications our priority and even if we are in the middle of an important task, we stop and check, on the sound of the notification.

Television: Uprising technology is changing how we watch television. Television was an achievement and was considered as the main object of entertainment. Television is transforming with time, now we are able to pause, rewind and record. Television industry has advantage of technology as well, with HD recording and giving us access to entertainment in any way and anywhere.

Dating: Modern technology has even modernized how we date. Before, asking someone on a date was a long procedure but now it all happens very quickly due to dating sites present. These dating sites even select the right person for you and set a date for you to go out. Even if you do not know who the person is, technology has made it all easy for you to check a person’s profile and get all the information you require. If you think that the individual is compatible, you might want to give it a try.


Modern technology influences our lives on high levels. There are people who consider life incomplete without it while there are those who believe in most minimum possible use of technology. Either way, life is a luxury due to the facilities given to us by modern technology.

Myself, Vaibhav S is a Founder and Editor-in-Chief of TechnoGiants, working Software Professional, and an avid lover of Software's and Web Services. I love computers and also love to write and share about Tech-related Stuff, Computers etc with others.
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