10 Features People Like The Most in Windows 8

Here are ten features of Windows 8 that you may not even know about, but that will offer you great comfort when you use them. They range from the outright different, such as ISO support, to the downright convenient, such as screen prints being created as image files.

Windows 8
Windows 8

Feature #1: It has a better reinstall Windows function

You will not have to find your reboot disk, or find out your old serial codes. You can do all of your complex re-installs by simply returning the computer to factory settings.

Feature #2: You can take simple screenshots

All you have to do is press Win+PrtScn. This will not only save the screenshot into your RAM memory (like pressing PrtScn does), but it will also save the image to a library file too. This means that you can take rapid screen prints in succession without having to manually save the image on an image file yourself. It is far easier and quicker.

Feature #3: The shutdown process is even more simple

They have turned the shutdown procedure into a keyboard function. You have to use an Alt+F4 keyboard shutdown to close your computer down. This tool is traditionally for shutting down whatever program you are on, so if you do it on the desktop then it shuts down your computer. It is far quicker than using a start button, and is quicker and easier than using CTRL + ALT + Delete.

Feature #4: It has a good file history

This allows you to track the documents you have used and to track the previous versions of documents. If you mess up a file alteration you will be more likely to be able to retrieve the old version. If you accidentally delete a file then you will be in less trouble as you stand a better chance of retrieving it.

Feature #5: It has ISO support

It has a native ISO mounting that has support included within if you double click. You can launch VHD files natively instead of having to burn them or convert them. You have to right click on it and right click it. It is going to make downloading those illegal files a little easier.

Feature #6: You an synchronize your Windows settings

This allows you create a different kind of user account. It is able to pull information from things such as your outlook program, SkyDrive and even your Xbox accounts. You can synchronize your information on all of these, so that you only ever need to change the settings on one as oppose to all of them. It is a nice little convenience function for you to enjoy.

Feature #7: It has the Windows Defender program

This is an old security program that has been brought back after a long absence. It is a security program that is supposed to protect you from all the things that antivirus programs are supposed to protect you from. It should put antivirus software producers out of business. However, wouldn’t this mean that Microsoft could release a virus that breaks all computers with Windows Defender, so that everyone in the country would have to buy new Windows computers?

Feature #8: Snap your apps to the side

This allows you to click and drag an app to the side of the screen. You can do this with Windows 7, but Windows 8 allows you to dock an app from your Start page and put it to one side whilst you work on your desktop. This is like a mini mode that you can use to display your apps at the side of your screen. It allows you to use background apps on your desktop so that you can check the process of something whilst using you desktop.

Feature #9: It has some good shortcuts

You can use your Ctrl+Tab shortcut in order to see all of the apps on your Windows 8 desktop. If you have touch screen then you can get the same results by swiping and tapping around the Windows 8 interface. If you know the shortcuts for your Windows 8 then you are going to find it a lot easier to navigate and play with. The Win+C brings will bring up your Charms bar.

Feature #10: There is a start menu that is secret

If you right click at the lower left of the screen, you will find a Start menu that has been stripped down. All you need to do is move your mouse cursor down to the bottom left of the screen and left click the switches down there. If you right click you will find a menu that links you to the operating system functions such as the control panel, task manager, command prompt, etc.

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