AppGlu: CMS for a Mobile App!

AppGlu gives you the power to manage mobile apps content. With increasing number of iPhone applications it gets difficult to manage content of every app. Although the road to developing and designing a mobile app has become easier than it was once, it’s still not streamlined with the companies. Development is tough, but there are further challenges ahead when it comes to mobile app’s content management. If it was so easy, companies wouldn’t have suffered and be subject of outdated content. Mobile users have to wait for a long time to get a new updated and get access to new features. This delay is creating bad impact on the businesses and app development companies. Managing your mobile has been a pain in your neck – until now! Say hello to AppGlu, which is developed to cater all your mobile app content related problems.


Simplified Mobile CMS!

Thanks to the amazing folks at AppGlu, companies all around the world can get facilitated from its ground-breaking Mobile Enterprise Application Platform (MEAP). MEAP provides companies with immediate control of their mobile apps content after it has been launched.

You got that right! Mobile app’s content updating has now become as easy as getting into AppGlu Control Centre, and publishing new content of app after editing it.  Users will also be able to keep track of content and activities, along with that, business can engage users with targeted push marketing and personalized content.

Does it sound like a CMS for a Cellphone app? It’s unbelievable now that something so fundamental was missing from the process of mobile application development. Earlier, business has to struggle for content updating when required, unless you have good team of developers at your end. For this reason, stages of mobile app development took FOREVER for development, design, and content writing of an iPhone Application.

AppGlu identified the need and found out that, to make app launch process faster back-end access is to be given to everyone so anyone can update its content. In this way, they will be able to understand the people in a better way, and engage with them like they want. It will not only meet the need of the customers, but evolve them to engage with you.

Ease for Developers

AppGlu has not only brought ease to companies and users, but it has also turned out to be a flexible tool for developers. Developers everywhere can now sit back and enjoy the dynamic controls of AppGlu. It’s like a heavy weight taken off from their shoulders. Now they do not have to get irritated with frequent content update demands by project managers, they know that now anyone and everyone can do it.

Do not be Afraid, It’s Just a Mobile App!

The next time when your executive decides to launch an app, you can relax and say ‘it’s just a mobile app’. Who said everything in an app has to be perfect before its launch. Take a big sigh of relief as executives also think that mobile app is just a thing! With AppGlu, content development is as flexible as it was never before. It will design your iPhone application to evolve naturally with a complete mobile app management.

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