Landing Page

How to Create a High-Converting (And Lead-Generating) Landing Page

Launching a website and turning it into well-established, revenue generating, online business is no easy feat. Sure, building a website is easier now than it ever has been. With resources, available catering to all skill levels, anyone with a little bit of entrepreneurial spirit can launch a website. However, turning it into a successful business…… Read More »

Load Speed

The Effects of Web Hosting on Website Load Speed, a Mini Guide!

A page load speed is a very significant factor when it comes to the overall success of any business website. Since it is such an important factor, it should never be taken lightly. This factor can affect everything including your rankings, SEO, time on your site, clicks on your site, user experience, etc. If there…… Read More »

Blog Traffic

How to increase your blog traffic drastically!

The Internet is now a major platform to market a product or brand. Like Bill Gates said: “If your business is not on the internet then your business will be out of business.” There are several techniques that are used to market the product or brand online and blogging is one of them. Driving traffic…… Read More »