7 Amazing Ways Technology Can Improve Your Writing

Even if you believe that writing is your talent, you should never stop improving the skill to write in multiple styles and by following various requirements. There are many ways that can enhance the quality of your writing, like reading fiction and re-writing some text extracts, but there are also more efficient ideas how to […]

Blog Post

The Main Guide to Writing Blog Posts That Rank in Google

It does not matter whether you have your own blog or a corporate website, or maybe you are writing some articles to other popular blogs, you definitely expect to see your post at the top positions of the Google search. However, nothing comes easy with writing a compelling blog post that will be equally interesting […]


Multilingual Blog, Is It Worth It?

If you’re multilingual, then it’s only natural that you’ll think about doing your blog in at least two languages. After all, by doing so you can get your content to a much wider audience – especially if you’re topics are about things that interest people who aren’t necessarily well-traveled or likely to know additional languages. […]


Blogging Ideas For When You’re Stuck, Tired And Can’t Write A Thing

Last updated: September 16th, 2017No matter how passionate we are about the writing process, we can still find ourselves stuck sometimes. Things like writer’s block, stress, tiredness are real and can happen to any writer. However, a professional blogger or any blogger who wants to become successful shouldn’t let themselves be affected by such things. […]