Cyber and Network Security

Check out These Five Major Hacks That Impacted You This Year

Looking at the present situation, it’s safe to believe that each one of us has been suffering through the privacy and security issues. Today everyone is vulnerable about sharing sensitive information like passwords and numbers online.


Your data like credit card numbers and other details are almost stored in few companies. When they get hacked, you also get hacked alongside. It also means that the hacker is just waiting to identify the sensitive information.

One of the most miserable parts of this breaches is they don’t affect a single person; there are millions of people getting involved in it. And you couldn’t do anything about it, except you can isolate yourself from the internet, so no one will be able to have your information in the first place.

But, that’s impractical, isn’t it? Don’t let your hopes go down. Because there are many hacks that will help you out in making a big difference. We have narrowed down five significant hacks for you that will prevent the disclosure of any sensitive data.

5 Significant and Tops Hacks for you

1. Cyber and Network Security

Over the past decade, there has been a massive leap in the technology field. We have also noticed how the cyber predators are always finding a way to get the information. Thus, maintaining the cyber security is essential for the safety of business.

Cyber and Network Security

There are many basic tips that everyone within the organization should follow. Like not opening links in emails, have protection for WiFi; do not download unwanted files and much more. However, these basic tips aren’t enough.

By having cyber security, you can keep the information secure from the grasps of a hacker through encrypted data, reliable hardware, antivirus programs installed.

As much as the cybersecurity is essential, one needs to install network security to preserve networks private data, users and of course their devices.

Losing confidential information might lead the corporation to cost millions of dollars. Having a skilled network security method will avoid outside interference into the system. Alongside, it will impact on achieving on the goals of a company.

2. Facial Recognition and Video Analytics

In the beginning, most of the companies used CCTV cameras to keep an eye on everyone. But now CCTV systems can analyze the face of animals, people, and bags automatically. That has become possible through Facial Recognition System.

Facial Recognition and Video Analytics

The system can monitor the duration of the time people were present in the particular area.

The intelligent video analytics is used in knowing different and unusual behavior. It can also generate alarms for an activity that’s hideous and suspicious. For instance, if a person is moving from one vehicle to another in the parking lot, then it will create an automated alarm. Some video analytics can detect colors.

When you have video analytics including facial recognition system in your office, it will help you to review all the activities. The security guard may not have time always to watch and catch any doubtful action.

3. Access Control System

Every business wants to keep their business buildings secure. It’s true that industry having few employees can get the lock and keys. But when it’s a large corporation, then you seriously consider access control system.

Through this, you are enhancing the security of the building. At the same time, you are also managing the flow of people. The system uses a card for credentials. If you lost the card, then it will be easily prohibited. A new one will be replaced easily.

If you want to have limited access to particular doors, then it can be programmed easily. In addition to that, you can even restrict by time and during any day of the week.

Among the access control system, it’s been divided into a different system that you can opt for your workplace. From biometric access control system, proximity access, and door access system are available.

4. Fire Alarm System

An early discovery of a threat will ALWAYS help you in getting out of the situation which might have turned into a disaster. A fire emergency is one such of them. All the businesses need to be aware of the risks of fire involved.

Fire Alarm System

Owners need to install a fire alarm system to keep the staff and the assets of the company safe. The latest fire alarm systems are super intelligent and can have good impression into your business.

Fire alarm system will detect the event and send an alert to the panel that controls everything. It also tells the fire brigade exact location.

5. Structured Cabling

Even though businesses have gone wireless because of technology, structured cabling is still vital in a communication of the company having different branch all over the world.

Structured cabling means a system that consists of wires, cables, and other hardware devices which are necessary that connects the communication system of the company.  This will include phone, video cameras, data centers, and computers.

If you are having a big corporation spread across the world, then you should undoubtedly have structured cabling. Because it’s easy to manage and no issue even while bringing a new device.

Moreover, it will also lessen the network downtime. Tangled wires often create an issue of connectivity and are not entirely safe. There are chances of fires, electrical shocks and more. With the installation of structured cabling, it will improve your company’s IT environment.

The Bottom Line

The more your company grows, the more opportunity there is to improve productivity with some clever business hacks. If you’ve tried all these, something else may be at play.

Did you find anything interesting in the list? Let us know! Or do you have a favorite business productivity hacks you would like to share? Leave us a comment below.

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