Critical Steps To Take Once Your Email Has Been Breached

Hacked Email

It is possible you have gone through the internet only to find a story about a major site being hacked, especially its main email. Once this has happened, so many people become confused and have no idea what needs to be done. While there are critical steps you can follow, the first line of defense is talking to your IT and online security expert for comprehensive assistance.

Hacked Email
Hacked Email

How Your Password Might Have Been Compromised

You must know that hackers are always working across the clock to steal as much data as they can from various sites. While some sell or use it to access certain information, others do it for notoriety or to showcase their hacking ability to the world. To see your login details and password published online is very disturbing.

Email Account Compromised

However, seeing your password and other login details online does not mean the email account has been compromised. It might mean the account created in a specific website through your email has been affected, though. For those who have not used unique details for various sites, they are in danger since the details might be similar and the same in all the sites they have visited. If you are using the same login and password across the divide it is time to change.

Change Password

Once your email address has been flagged or published online, you might want to change it including some data surrounding it. You can find tools online showing you the number of times the email address appears online, including any password thrown out there on the internet, including the time and date it was done. For accounts recently compromised, changing the email address and password immediately is very important.

Check Other Accounts Login Details

Whether you have used the same password and email address for different sites or not, it is important to take a quick look into all your account details across the various platforms you have a presence. This should be done immediately you realize one of your accounts has been compromised. If you have re-used passwords on more than one website, it is very important to change each one of them with unique ones.

Password Managers

Not many know there are password management tools around that help to encrypt and create passwords with lots of different numbers, letters and characters for long and strong keywords. You might have realized how annoying it is to have unique passwords for virtually any account you have on the web but it is very critical. A password manager such as KeepPass or LastPass helps to ensure that you do not have to remember every detail or letter of the password. The only thing you need to remember is just a single password while the rest are kept safely and securely for you. In fact, once you save this tool in your cloud account, you can always be sure to use it while on the road or in a shared computer.

Thinking Like A Password Cracker

You must think like a good hacker while looking at your email address. Know all the information you think is of value and if accessed by the wrong hands could be dangerous. While some hackers are searching for steamy photos and content, information and money, some simply want to spam your contacts.

About Author: Rachel is an avid social media blogger who is addicted to Facebook and twitter. Recently she wrote about how she lost her access to Facebook and how she recovered it with the use of Social Password Finder. She recently wrote an article called Facebook Password Lost? and got amazing response to the article.

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