Exciting Features of Android Phones you Probably Didn’t Know

Android Phones

Your phone can do much more than just clicking pictures and booking cabs. If you consider yourself a pro smartphone user, then you must also know these cool and exciting features that your android phones can do.

Android Phones

Smartphones can be called a mini computer in your pocket that can do a LOT of things! Some people usually look through the exciting feature of an android phone in their day-to-day life. But actually, these cool features of Android Phones can act as a helping hand in your life… it can make your life simpler!

Exciting Features of Android Phones:

1. Screen off voice Search

Your android phones just want to help you out with anything and everything possible. You instruct it and it will tell you what email id you received, what you want to text to a particular person, say “call you in 10 minutes” to your mum, or even listen to the music and tell you which song it is and from which album it is from.

2. Restrict calls from Selected numbers

There is an option to receive calls only from people you want it or ignore calls that you do not want to receive. The Priority Mode feature lets you do that.

3. Use ‘Smart Lock’ to Unlock the Phone Automatically

You can choose the “Smart Lock” option to lock your phone when you are outside to keep your phone safe. You can change the location as soon as you enter your home.

4. Remote Locking and Wiping Data from Lost Phone

One of the prime drawbacks of losing your phones can be getting access to your personal data. Apart from being depressing, it can be dangerous. Google brings to you an amazing feature called the Android Device Manager that helps you take control of your phone if you lose it.

5. Control Light Bulb from your Phone

There are few LED light bulbs that can sync with your phones and you can control them with a click on your phone. Some of these bulbs are Cree’s Connected LED light bulb, LIFX, etc.

6. Choose your Desired Theme

Now you can choose your desired theme on your android phones. Android Marshmallow has a do it yourself dark mode theme. Simply go to Settings > Accessibility > Color inversion.

7. Know the Measurements of Anything with the Phone’s lens

Now with some apps, you can measure the actual length, width and height of any object just with the lens of the camera.

8. Manage your Data

Are you in constant fear of losing out of memory on your phone? Now you can manage all your data by cleansing the memory through few apps that do not at all consume any memory.

9. Hands free Camera Click

Isn’t it irritating when one of you don’t get to be in the picture because he/she needs to click it? And selfies don’t always look good. You tend to lose the background coverage on the picture. Android phones has a hands free camera click option which you can use right now to get the perfect picture.

10. Stay Fit!

Health is a major factor that must not be avoided when using technologies. It is really important that you stay up to date with the health-related apps on Google Play.

11. Do it yourself Speakers

By far one of the coolest tricks that your android phones can do is the do it yourself speakers. Play your favourite songs and keep your phone upside down inside a glass tumbler. Done! You have your very own speakers.

12. Make your Smartphone your TV Remote

Phones like HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4 come with infrared blasters that can act as a remote control. But if your phones do not come with these blasters then you can still make it work. There are certain apps on Google Play that does the same work. These infrared signals can act as a garage gate, blinders, thermostats, set-top boxes as well.

13. Facial Recognition Lock

Earlier only fingerprints were used to lock phones which are not at all safe. Android has come up with facial recognition. Just go to Settings > Security > Screen Lock > Face Unlock and an additional blinking of the eye to enable to take a picture of yourself and unlock the device with your face. It will make you blink your eye to make sure you are not using a picture of yours.

14. Use LED Notifications Instead of Vibrations

At times when you are in a meeting, you need to turn off your vibrations as well because it will only disturb the meeting. Now make use of the camera flash to notify you when there is a call, text or any notification. Just go to Settings > Accessibility > Flash notifications on!

15. Make your Phone a Wi-Fi Provider

Do you have a free unlimited data connection on your phone and your phones does not? Don’t worry! Because now you can provide them with your free data while they use their own devices.

16. You can use a Mouse with your Phone

Do you know that you can connect your mouse on your phone and use it? Yes, that’s possible! Also, you can connect your keyboard to it. Use your wired or wireless keypad from distance and save yourself from the mini keypad of the phone.

These unbelievable features on Android are pretty amazing and Flipkart coupons to make sure that you benefit with amazing latest discounts and offers on the best-valued android phones.

Myself, Vaibhav S is a Founder and Editor-in-Chief of TechnoGiants, working Software Professional, and an avid lover of Software's and Web Services. I love computers and also love to write and share about Tech-related Stuff, Computers etc with others.
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