Online Shopping

Online Shopping is more Effective than Offline Shopping!! Know Why?

Imagine your condition at 2 pm-midnight, when you are craving for the food and there is nothing to eat. Well, nothing could be more painful than this. What if the second thought comes to your mind of making a call and order your food online? And from here the benefits of the online system starts.

Online Shopping

The previous year was completely the era of online shopping and the craze continues this year too. Also, these sites provide you the top offers for shopping online which is the main reason behind the sensation.

When it comes to measuring the effectiveness of online shopping with the offline one, a number of parameters come into the scene. Lets roll down to see the difference between the 2 shopping ways:

Online Shopping vs Offline Shopping

Offline Shopping

1. Online Shopping is Better in terms of Convenience

Yes because…No because…
This is one of the most relieved benefit of the online shopping as you don’t have to go anywhere carrying your shopping bags. You just have to sit at your place and surf the items you want to buy. Less efforts and easy returns.Most of the people even today don’t intend to buy things online because they don’t know how to use internet well. Also, the delivery time that online shopping takes, irritates most of the customers.

2. Shopping online is Time Savvy

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The thing is you can complete your online shopping even at sitting at your workplace. It doesn’t need a homely environment. You can shop online even while doing other work without any extra overheads.Sometimes, you cannot concentrate at several tasks at one go. And this time-saving option gets start to convert into a demerit.

 3. Online shopping provides wide Range of Selection

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Online stalkers would understand this point very well. It is obvious that online stores give you a range of choice. The options are simply endless and you have large variety of stocks to choose from. Also, if you don’t find something at a store, you can switch to another.A large variety of options sometimes also leaves in a dilemma as what to choose, hence leaving the decision-making process so crucial.

4. Online shopping provides more comparison options

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The internet is over brimmed with a large number of shopping sites. Every one or a while, there comes a new website into existence. If you can’t fulfill your needs at one place, you can switch to another. Also, you can compare the price of the same product at different sites and decide the best that suits your budget.Often, customers don’t trust on the newly introduced website and they ignore shopping from there. Therefore, they have to compromise with the available price.

5. You can get all at one place online

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Sites like Amazon, Flipkart, eBay, etc. provides you all at one platform. Like you don’t have to wander from one place to another for buying your clothing, fashion accessories, electronics, home appliances or even groceries.Sometimes buying groceries and food items online could get wrong. Because these are something that really requires trust before buying.

6. In case of immediacy

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Gone are the days when we used to wait for our orders for weeks to get delivered. Many shopping sites offers prime delivery to its customers through which you can get free shipping and next day delivery.In case of emergency, you cannot rely on the online store. Like you have to give surprise gift to your friend or to buy a new dress for the farewell, then of course, a nearby store can help you better.

7. Lots of deals and discounts at Online store

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Well, no one is unaware of the fact that online store provides a lot of deals and discounts. Also, they introduce festive sale timely to attract the customers. You can also rely upon the vouchers or coupon code to save more onto your budget.Nothing more to say in this point as a demerit. But again the customers who don’t know how to apply and manage the coupons and vouchers can’t get over it.

8. Saves lot of travelling expenses

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You don’t need to travel miles and miles to have meal at your favorite restaurant midnight. Also, you can save a lot on driving to buy a new dress for you. Thus, you can end up saving a lot amount.For those who trust at the online brands, price and quality, can’t get over this.

According to a statistical data, the percentage of online shopping has increased by 14% approx. within the years. The record shows that approx. 3.59% of the total population shopped online in the year 2013. While the data was increased in the year 2017 by 17.05%, which is massive anyway.

Last Paragraph!!

In other terms, what else we can say in the favor of online shopping. The above points prove it the best. However, we really can’t solve the debate among on the online and offline shopping, yet without a doubt, offline shopping and retail stores are bit by bit finding a way to trap out online shopping. What’s more, who will win? Only the time will tell I guess!