iPhone X

The Top 9 Apps Tailored to the iPhone X

We’ve heard a lot of conversation about the features and design of the iPhone X. One of the most talked about design features is the edge-to-edge screen with the notch at the top of the screen. It’s certainly a distinctive design, but it also means that apps have to be specifically designed for the iPhone X for them to look good on the screen.

iPhone X

Apps that have not been optimized for the new screen will be downsized or have sections cut off to account for the new design. As a result, some of these apps look worse on the iPhone X than they did on previous generation iPhones. For all of you iPhone X users that want to find some apps that are going to look good on your device, and for iOS app developers looking for some quality inspiration, here are a few of the best apps that look great on the iPhone X.


The popular photo-sharing app from Facebook is one that received a much-respected update for the iPhone X. You can pinch to zoom on a photo and it will fill the entire screen, excluding the notch.

It could use a few tweaks – like staying in that orientation when the user stops pinching – but it looks good. This is one app that can really show off the quality of the screen.


For an augmented reality experience that will look good on your iPhone X, you should check out Housecraft. This is a furniture app that allows the user to place 3D models of different furniture pieces in their real environment.

You can view the furniture in any lighting and from any angle, and it does a good job of putting an accurate representation of the furniture in the real world space on your phone.


YouTube is another app that has been updated to work with the screen of the iPhone X. It comes with a pinch to zoom feature that allows the video to fill the screen, and it just slightly crops the area near the notch. With more room to watch your favorite videos, the experience becomes even more immersive and enjoyable.


Medium might not offer the most stunning visual experience that you could find on the iPhone X, but the popular publishing platform has already been updated for the new design. Users can scroll through all of the content options on the app, and the update fills the entire screen for an optimal experience on the iPhone X.


Halide offers one of the best experiences for the iPhone X. Already one of the top camera apps for iOS, the designers of Halide basically redesigned the entire app for the iPhone X.

Other app developers have had success by reworking existing apps to work with the design, but the extra effort to specifically redesign the entire app for the iPhone X helps Halide to stand out.


With Snapchat, you have a highly visual app that works well with the design of the iPhone X. The updated version of the app isn’t quite perfect when it comes to the screen design, but it is on its way.

In addition to that, Snapchat is one of the first apps working to develop features that take advantage of the TrueDepth camera.

The Witness

If you are looking for a game that shows off the quality of the OLED screen of the iPhone X, it is hard to argue that there is a better option than addictive puzzle game, The Witness. The developers released an update to account for the new design of the iPhone X, and the logic game’s impressive visuals look great on this high quality screen.


Being one of the most popular apps in the world, Facebook had to be one of the first to update for the design of the iPhone X. It’s not quite as impressive as some of the apps that are more focused on the visual experience, but they made sure to rearrange some of the design elements to ensure that that the app looks good and works well with the iPhone X. It makes this list for the fact that it’s practically indispensable, and continues to develop for new innovations and technologies.


A calculator app might not excite like some of the other options on this list, but Numerical does go out of its way to look good on the iPhone X screen. While the standard iPhone calculator doesn’t look bad, it took the easy road by just making the area around the notch black.

With the updated version of Numerical, you have a calculator app that fills the entire screen. Also, it comes with a variety of options for setting your own theme.

You’ll still see several popular apps that have yet to update for the iPhone X. However, it is becoming clear that there is a real advantage to updating for the new design. As developers see the competition gaining an edge with these updates, we should expect to see even more rushing to build versions that are made with the iPhone X in mind.