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Which is the Best Way to Utilize a Blog to Improve SEO results?

If you have a blog, probabilities are you comprehend the significance of business blogging already. But do you have any idea of optimizing your blog posts for making them more friendly to the search engines and get improve SEO results?

SEO results

According to the current study by reflects that around 60% of the companies have blogs, but 65% of the owners of the blog haven’t pay any updated it in the past year. Businesses need to know the benefit that they can attain a lot of benefits with the blogging. But they also need to know the best way of gaining success.

As there is no single way to utilize for a blog to improve SEO results, so in this article, we will give you the multiple and best ones.

How does good website usability improve SEO ranking?

Search engines reward sites that are user-friendly means that they have the usability that is high. Google is in favor of websites that don’t only contain rich keywords but also focus the attention on enhancing the engagement of the user.

SEO ranking enhances when visitors stay on the site for a more extended period, repetition of visits are there and viewing more pages as well.

Ways to know for improving SEO results

Let’s have a look at some of the best ways:

1. Improve page load speed

If your website is unable to load quickly, then forget about any high search engine rankings. People these days are very impatient, and this is what you need to understand. They don’t prefer visiting the websites with low page load speed.

To ensure high search engine rankings, it is relevant for you to keep a note of this one. Make sure that your blog page loads in one or two seconds because this will force the visitors to come again.

2. Producing high-quality content

High Quality Content

For driving more traffic to your website and increasing the popularity, you require giving the visitors a reason to come again and again. It is an aspect that you can only achieve when your content is recent, relevant and of high-quality.

If in any case, you haven’t even touched your site since the day it is developed, then probably you don’t have a high SEO ranking currently. So, you need to focus on updating your website with content on the frequent basis. Make sure that you are adding blog posts every day and don’t discontinue the flow because this can affect the search ranking massively.

All in all, you need to assure producing the content that pulls the visitors towards your website. Your content must encourage them to share the content or blogging with friends, family and other social circles.

3. Include keywords and phrases in your text

To improve SEO rankings, you must know that Google motivates the bloggers for peppering their content with the words and key phrases. The target audience in search engines uses these. When an individual search something, then the search engine displays results for the sites that include similar keywords and phrases.


Here are some tips you can follow:

  • The key is a balance. Be cautious of not overusing the phrases or keywords.
  • The keywords and phrases must appear in HTML title tags, anchor texts, alt texts, headings, and meta descriptions.

4. Building a community

You can enhance your ranking for the blog page by linking to sites that are reliable and generate related content. It is helpful in increasing the experience for user and search engines reward this practice. You can integrate the links that are external to your blog in the following ways:

  • In your unique or original content directly.
  • In the directory of blogs and relevant resources.
  • Blog feeds and news feed.

You should also include the number of links to your blogs from the sites that are reputable for boosting the blog page ranking. When you post a new content, it doesn’t manage to reach the massive amount of customer through advertising the content on several platforms of social media. It helps in enhancing social media presence, increasing blog traffic, and enlarge the audience.

5. Use your Yoast SEO plug-in

The analysis of content tool in Yoast SEO plug-in is helpful in writing the blog posts that are SEO-friendly. You can start by selecting your focus keyword as this is the most significant term for search. The plug-in makes sure that the keyword is in the right place and also include the measuring of other elements of writing.

Some of the elements are as:

  • Allows you to add the meta description.
  • Helps in analyzing the texts.
  • It is useful in calculating the Flesh reading ease score.
  • It makes sure checking the links and images in the post.


Search engine optimization isn’t a trend that is going to die soon. It is an aspect which your site requires for concentrating on just now and in future also. If you are planning to emphasize on the SEO, then you are little late, but it’s not too late for implementing the strategies discussed above to improve SEO results.

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