How to Transfer EML Files to other File format with EML Email Converter

Emails are used worldwide and they make the work easier of the users. The file formats are mostly specific for every other email. The file format is simply the layout of the file which lets you know how the information or data is arranged in the file. The program which reads the information in the file should be able open the file. if we take an example: if we open a Web Browser and we all know that it is only able to open a file which will be in HTML format, Web browser would not be able open the file of some other application and format such as Microsoft Excel. The user can see the extension of the file to know the file format.

Most common file formats used nowadays are:

  • Adobe Acrobat (.pdf)
  • Web pages (.html)
  • Outlook 64 & 32 bit (.pst)
  • Thunderbird, Mac Mail, PocoMail, Postbox (.mbox)
  • Apple Mail, Entourage (.emlx)
  • Eudora, Pegasus (.mbx)
  • Outlook (.msg)
  • MS Office documentation (.rtf)
  • Windows Live Mail, DreamMail, Lotus Notes, Windows Mail (.eml)

This post is about EML files and how the user would be able to transfer eml files easily and effectively.


EML is a well-known file format which works perfectly with almost every application of Microsoft. They are formed as the single files. EML works on every email client which follows the standardized format.

Transfer EML Files

Need for EML files conversion

The user has plenty of reasons on converting the EML mails to their desired formats. The conversion is possible but for this the user has to be technically sound and should know all the basics of file formats. Some users want to migrate their EML mails because they were previously working on the EML format but now they switched to another format which obviously would require them to convert the files.

Another case could be if the user has orphan EML data and now want to transfer them to another system and that too in new format.

The next question in the mind of the user is that what are the possible ways in which they can convert their EML files?

Different ways to transfer EML files to other formats

Conversion may look like an easy method but it is surely one of the most complex and confusing thing to do but users have to follow some method and get the conversion done.  The ways in which the conversion can be done are explained below:

1. Manual method: This method takes lot of time and offers user’s a very complex process. It only allows converting only a single file at a time with this method. This process is risky and also is very complicated. Only users which have good knowledge of the email clients and file formats can only do this conversion easily. This method can be possible for only one file format or you can find the method for the other file formats.

2. Freeware: They are the software’s which definitely allow the conversion of the files but they have a certain limitation because they convert and the files sometimes don’t get converted easily. The freeware often contain bugs and do not get upgraded after some time. They are not “user friendly” and the user interface is not up to the mark. They are termed as “free” but they involve additional costs, which is same like paying for a full converter tool. As it is an open source application wicked users would find loopholes and use it to their advantage. No support if the software stops working the users have to only depend on the community.

3. Converter tool: It is the best method which you can take up to convert the EML mail files. The converter tool is not only a best way than the above two methods but it also gives plenty of advantages to the user. There are features like it gives customer support option when the users face any problem which is very useful. The tool also gives the faultless converted files. The tool is a total package which does the conversion without any problem. It gives exact results of the EML files.

Read more for the software:

The tool EML email converter is the only solution to go forward with the conversion process.  The given formats can be converted with this tool:

  • Adobe Acrobat (.pdf)
  • Web pages (.html)
  • Outlook 64 & 32 bit (.pst)
  • Thunderbird, Mac Mail, PocoMail, Postbox (.mbox)
  • Apple Mail, Entourage (.emlx)
  • Eudora, Pegasus (.mbx)
  • Outlook (.msg)
  • MS Office documentation (.rtf)
  • Windows Live Mail, DreamMail, Lotus Notes, Windows Mail (.eml)

EML Email Converter

This tool also read EMLX/EML files and converts them to the above file formats and it is able to convert all the files and they can be easily viewable in Outlook 64 & 32 bit editions.

It is also capable of working in the Windows operating system of both 64 & 32 bit of architecture. The EML Email Converter does not work on Mac operating system so if the user is using Macintosh then also it is easy to convert the data, the user just have to first transfer the emails into the Windows Operating system.

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