WordPress Theme

Common Attributes of a Good WordPress Theme

Picking out a WordPress theme is not as easy as it seems. There are a plethora of options with great features, most of which you would like to have, but you have to research some sites whose design you like to get inspiration and ideas. However, with some research into the feature set you desire, […]

Email Signature

Best Email Signature Generator Apps You Should Know

Email Signatures are nothing new, but if you have seen some great looking email signatures recently, it is probably using one of the best email signature generator apps that we have mention below. By default, Gmail has an option to add a signature to its emails. However, the built-in option is not that attractive. To […]

Digital Marketing

10 Tips for Great Digital Marketing

Digital marketing refers to adding modern digital techniques to traditional marketing methods to effectively reach out to today’s internet-oriented consumer. The new information and communication options available these days such as smartphones, social media websites and video streaming have made several tried and tested digital marketing strategies ineffective and obsolete.   So, if you want […]


Infographic: You Need a Speedy Website, and Here is why

The truism that time is money is particularly keenly felt online. People expect sites to be almost instant, and anything that takes more than a second to load is just not good enough. Speed is even more important in the online shopping sector. The data in the infographic made by the Hosting Tribunal leaves no […]

Social Media Branding
Social Media

The Link between Public Recognition and Social Media Branding

There is a massive difference between brand recognition and brand awareness. Sure, brand awareness definitely has a higher value status than mere brand recognition, however, awareness is impossible to achieve without first passing through the recognition stage. Now, there are many different ways for you to achieve this status but one that is commonly used […]


6 Basic Ways of Designing UI/UX to Boost Your Website Performance

If you are planning to develop a website, it is not only putting pages together that will work. You also need to hire UI/UX developer who can design for the user experience. Many UI/UX Design Service Providers not only use good developers but also, they look for the skilled web-designer to create the best user […]