Import OST file to Office 365 via OST to Office 365 converter

Office 365 Converter

Here, I am going to discuss the importance of OST to Office 365 Converter to import OST file to Office 365 cloud accounts. You all know that there is no direct migration process from OST to Exchange Online platform; therefore, many IT companies came up with the idea to develop software for effortless and direct data conversion from OST data to Office 365 mailbox.

Office 365 Converter

Below are the few of its important points that define the value of the migration tools to move or upload OST to Office 365 cloud environment.

Features of OST to Office 365 Converter software

OST to Office 365 tool offers great features to export Outlook OST data file to Office 365 mailboxes. Below are the few significant features that you can experience while using OST to Office 365 Converter Tool to migrate OST to Exchange Online.

Compatible with any large size OST data files

It provides a smooth solution for any large size Outlook OST files. The tool does not limit the OST file size or its attachment size and allows you to migrate any huge OST data files to Exchange Online mailbox. It offers solutions to move any small or large OST file to the Office 365 account without any hassle.

The best solution for single or batch migration

Whether you are looking to upload a single Outlook OST data file or the multiple, this OST to Office 365 Tool is reliable enough to import any number of OST files to Exchange Online cloud mailboxes with all its images, messages, tasks, appointments, notes, attachments, etc.

Effective Outlook OST recovery solution

The tool allows adding damaged OST file and scans each OST items recovering corrupted or inaccessible OST files. It also provides a preview of all the OST files and then exports to the Office 365 platform.

Supports IMAP, Exchange Server or Hotmail OST files

It is highly compatible with all OST files of either IMAP, Hotmail or the Exchange Server. A complete solution that provides a migration process to all the users with any OST file.

Preserves the OST data originality

Keeps the details of the OST data file in its original format. It even does not disturb the OST email properties like To, Bcc, Cc, Subject, etc. It also maintains the internal attributes of the attachments or the HTML formatting of the OST file keeping them intact. It preserves every single character of an OST file content even after exporting OST to O365.

Options to move all or the selected OST folders or items

With the help of this application, you can even select specific OST items of a particular folder or sub-folders to migrate OST file to Office 365 accounts. There is also the option to choose OST folders to migrate to Office 365 by selecting or de-selecting the checkbox present before each OST folder. To select all the OST folders at once you need to mark on the OST file checkbox.

Impersonate Export

It Offers bulk migration from OST to Exchange Online mailbox with Impersonation rights. For this, you do not require a password for each Office 365 mailbox you just need to enter an Administrator ID and Password.

Search mail screen

This screen or the window allows searching OST emails using options like To, From, Cc, Bcc, Subject, Received On, Received Before, Attachments, etc. You can also view all OST items below these options and export to Exchange online cloud environment.

Migrate only contacts or calendar

The tool offers the solution to move OST contacts or calendars separately to Exchange Online platforms whenever required. While migration it preserves the scheduled appointments, meetings, created notes, contact images, etc. It does not mess-up any data.

No Outlook/Exchange Server needed

Being an independent solution there is no requirement of any other tools. It even does not require installing or configuring the MS Outlook or the Exchange Server to use this application. It is strong enough to perform the entire process without the help of any other external utility.

Working of OST to Office 365 Converter

Step 1: Download a reliable OST to Office 365 Migration Tool. Install and run this amazing software to the Desktop.

Step 2: Open the tool and click on the Add file menu on the above side of the software. A small pop-up window appears through which you need to insert the OST file using the plus symbol, hit the Scan button, and then OK as shown in the figure.

Office 365 Migration Tool

Step 3: Go to the Export option and select Office 365. You can even choose OST folders by selecting the checkbox of the OST folder (If you are looking for a selective migration). You can also select Office 365 mailboxes where you want to import OST data file to Office 365 platform. There is also an optional option to create a log file.

Import OST file

Step 4: Hit the Next button and sign in to Exchange Online account using a valid ID and Password. The migration takes place and you will receive a message after the conversion process ends.

Bulk export

For this, first, you need to create a CSV file in a specific format and then browse the CSV to the tool to extract all the details of the CSV file. Then choose export options required and hit the Next button sign in to Office 365 environment.

Impersonate export

For this, again you need to create a CSV file and browse it to the tool to extract all the information of the CSV file. Then choose export options required and hit the Next button sign in to Office 365 environment. For this, you do not require to mention the password of each O365 mailbox.


To import OST file to Office 365, you can make use of the OST to Office 365 Converter Tool that offers an error-free and an effortless solution without any OST data damage or failure. The software offers the free demo version to learn and experience the tool free of cost. It helps you get a more clear idea about the functioning and usability of the application.

Myself, Vaibhav S is a Founder and Editor-in-Chief of TechnoGiants, working Software Professional, and an avid lover of Software's and Web Services. I love computers and also love to write and share about Tech-related Stuff, Computers etc with others.
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