iOS 11

8 Really Unknown Features of iOS 11 Entering in your iPhone

We all have our eyes and ears open when we come across the Apple introducing new versions coming up.  The New iPhone iOS 11 has been launched, the most awaited Apple phone that rules the hearts of many. The heart throbbing Apple handset is designed with many advanced and innovative features that is one-of-a-kind. This…… Read More »

iPhone Glass Cracked

Where to find help for iPhone Glass Crack?

Do you own an iPhone? Boy! You must be so pleased with your phone. You can spend hours together listening to the music, surfing the internet, updating your messages on Facebook or chatting away your way to glory with your near and dear ones. But what would happen when you accidentally drop it and the…… Read More »


What is an iPhone Digitizer?

Often, the guys who know most about repairing an iPhone don’t have that knowledge based so much on personal experience, but simply because they know exactly how the device operates and what they need for each different part of it. Solving a problem is all about the right approach – and this is always based…… Read More »

Bluetooth Apps

Top 7 Bluetooth Apps For Your iPhone

Bluetooth is a wireless technology which enables two electronic devices to transfer data over brief distances. Bluetooth apps are becoming more and more popular nowadays since they have almost become a basic necessity for everyone. Bluetooth apps assist you in performing the transfer of documents and also allows you to talk with friends. If you’re…… Read More »

Wondershare Dr. Fone for iOS

Top 3 iPhone Data Recovery Software

No matter how properly we categorize and save stuff in our iPhones we are always at a risk of losing important data like videos, messages, contacts etc due to various reasons. We could try our hands at backing up every bit of our important data on iCloud or some other manner but we all know…… Read More »