Common Problems and Fixes with Responsive Web Design

Responsive designs today come out with great importance and users prefer to add such designs enhancing business opportunities online. Designers today are well equipped creating exclusive responsive designs that bring in a new charm to websites. However, responsive designs have own downsides and it’s important to know the issues along with solutions ensuring that you — Read More —

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Build Responsively: uCoz, DudaMobile and DudaOne

Today, people use various combinations of browsers, devices and operating systems to browse the web: from Android-powered smartphones with tiny screens to iMacs with huge displays. This tendency makes developers scratch their heads over how to make their websites work and look perfectly regardless of the device they’re viewed on. One of the answers is — Read More —

Responsive Web Design

Top 3 Tools to Incorporate Responsive Design in Building a Web Site

Responsive Web design is gaining more significance as a necessity, as online users attempt to access sites from different devices. This concept of design helps in developing an online presence that scales to perform well on all possible Internet-enabled devices such as tablet, smartphone, and desktop regardless of changing viewing size of screen. For smooth — Read More —

Responsive Design

A Beginner Guide to Mobile Responsive Design

Mobile responsive web design is about automatically delivering to your target audience what they want. It eliminates the need to have multiple versions of the website or expensive application development and maintenance as content, layout and graphics can be tailored as per the screen size. Responsive web design means that the layout and content adapts — Read More —