Living the Tech Lifestyle – How to Afford It

One of the prevailing feelings of our time, according to sociologists, is a phenomenon known as FOMO. FOMO stands for “fear of missing out”, and it’s something largely felt when a group of friends are doing something exciting in which you’re not involved. FOMO is usually used in relation to social media, and although it’s […]

Medical Technology

Medical Technology Used in Everyday Life

Medical technology has advanced tremendously over the past few years with some truly miraculous innovations. Some of the devices and applications are blurring the lines between medicine and everyday life. As with many things, people are finding other uses for things that are not their originally intended purpose, and devices developed for the mainstream public […]

Video Production

Comprehensive Guide to an Incredible Video Production

As digital marketing is reshaping, transforming and unfolding new techniques in the digital landscape, marketers are busy in making appealing video production. A single video fulfils the need for a more than hundred-worded document. You can deliver pretty rich meanings and messages across your target audience and can expect a surplus in sales as well. […]


Review: DesignCap Poster and Flyer Maker

In recent years, things related to graphic design have no longer been the preserve of a few professional or people with design experience and knowledge. Besides, graphic design has become more accessible for non-designers. The reason is that the large graphics tools were created to help people do these designing jobs rather than professional designers. […]


How Blockchain Will Transform Your Business in 2019

One of the hottest business topics right now besides artificial intelligence and machine learning is the blockchain. Why? This technology will radically transform the way you do business in more than one way. Many businesses are already deploying this technology in creative ways, from tokenization as a part of supply chain management to digital surveys […]

Import Large PST

Universal Accepted Method to Import Large PST to Office 365

Have you ever wondered how to import large PST file to Office 365 account without any data loss? If you work with Microsoft Outlook, then you definitely heard about PST, a default local storage file of Outlook, and its data corruption issue. In fact, dealing with an oversized Outlook data file is a tiresome task […]