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Lotus Notes Conversion
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Have you ever met with an instance wherein you have switched the email application from one to another? Underwent troublesome time to implement the conversion process? If you have migrated from Outlook to Lotus Notes Conversion application, then you have fortunately landed the perfect blog.

Lotus Notes Conversion

Here, we will be introducing the best ever solution to execute Outlook to Lotus Notes file conversion using the result-oriented PST to NSF Converter in a hassle-free way.

Without wasting any more time, let’s begin to know the ultimate solution!

Anyone can end up with the decision to change the email service to another when there exist countless worries in the existing email application. Nowadays, similar such instances can be seen among Outlook users due to the occurrence of troublesome errors. Now, these errors are prompted without giving any prior notice, which ultimately hampers the ongoing work. These errors can be caused due to different reasons such as abrupt shutting down of system, network failure, virus intrusion and much more!

Other concerning factors include maintenance cost, which is comparatively higher in Outlook than other email applications. Due to this, Outlook users prefer switching to other email programs. However, the major challenging question is how to perform a cross-platform email file conversion process. Hence, we have come up with this blog, which will shed light on the perfect approach to implement Outlook to Lotus Notes conversion.

Safe & Proven Solution – Outlook to Lotus Notes Conversion Tool

Often times, it can be seen that Outlook users get panic and fail to know the result-oriented approach to import Outlook files to Lotus Notes. Due to the absence of manual solution, the only reliable option left is to seek help from trustworthy third-party tool. However, it becomes a challenging task to find the tool that meets all the concerning requirements.

Outlook PST to NSF Converter is one of the highly recommended software by the experts. It is incorporated with the best set of features that enables to sophisticatedly process Outlook to Lotus Notes file conversion. One of the remarkable features is that it allows to convert complete Outlook mailbox items i.e., emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, notes, etc. to the destination Lotus Notes NSF file format.

Want to know the amazing features of the tool? Dive in deeper and read the blog till the end! 

Advanced Features that Meets All the Challenging User Requirements!

1. Complete Outlook Data to NSF Conversion

Outlook to Lotus Notes conversion is made easy by availing this top-notch software. It is a one-stop solution when it comes to convert PST files to NSF format. Using which, one can seamlessly convert entire PST mailbox items – emails, calendars, contacts, tasks, etc. to NSF format.

2. Export Selective Outlook Mailbox Items

For users who want to export only the required data items can make the best use of this feature. Under “Select Categories” section from the software panel, one needs to check the box corresponding to the desired data items to be migrated. With this, only the chosen mailbox items i.e., emails, contacts, etc. will be converted to Lotus Notes NSF.

3. Convert Multiple PST files in One Go

The software is well-programmed by the experts wherein it let users to smoothly convert single or multiple PST files to NSF format. Using Add File (s) or Add Folder option, users can convert bulk Outlook data files to Lotus Notes file format. The tool ensures to preserve the data without compromising the data integrity.

4. Selective Data Conversion by Date

Another advanced functionality includes “Date Filter” option. Users can avail this feature for emails, contacts, calendars, journals and task mailbox items. All you need to is set the date ranges under fields “To” and “From”. As a result, only the data that falls under the mentioned date range will be converted to NSF format. Additionally, the software allows to create separate NSF file for contacts, which can be availed as per the requirement.

5. Convert Corrupt PST Files to NSF

This Outlook to Lotus Notes conversion tool renders a simplified interface making great relief, especially for novice users. Even if your PST file is corrupted, there is no need to worry. With this utility, one can efficiently convert damaged or corrupted PST files to NSF format without any hassle.

6. Option to Convert Encrypted PST files

Besides converting corrupt PST files, the utility also provides an option to export password-protected PST files in a seamless manner. Thus, all the encrypted data from the PST files will be securely converted to the required NSF IBM Notes format. This functionality has been introduced in the software after knowing the increasing user demand for the same.

7. Advanced Filter Options

By availing this software, users can instantly convert Outlook files to Lotus Notes format. Users can make the best use of various customized options as per their choice. This includes the option to maintain the folder hierarchy, which needs to be marked to preserve the folder structure. Along with that, it provides an option to exclude deleted items and to create separate NSF files for contacts.

Different Versions of Outlook to Lotus Notes Conversion Tool

This PST to NSF converter utility can be availed in both demo and full versions from the official website of the software. According to the requirement, one can choose any of the versions.

Let’s have a look at each one of them in detail

  • Demo Version: It is absolutely free of cost. Yes, you heard it right! With this version, you can check the different functionalities incorporated in the software. It provides the same features as that of the full version. However, it imposes only a single constraint that it allows to transfer only first 15 items per folder.
  • Full Version: This is the licensed version of the software wherein it allows to convert single or multiple PST files to NSF format without any limitation. One can avail countless features using this version.

Final Verdict

Outlook users may end up with a troublesome time when they need to convert PST files to NSF format. Outlook to Lotus Notes conversion tool is a versatile software offering out of the box features. It does not pose any risk associated to data loss or data integrity issues. All the converted data from Outlook files are kept intact in the destination NSF file format. Moreover, the different features incorporated within the software when taken into consideration, it can be rated as 9.8 out of 10.

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