Error Connection

How to Resolve ‘Error Connection for Database in WordPress’ Conveniently?

Have you ever faced the inconsistency ‘Error Connection for Database in WordPress’? If yes, then this blog will undermine several stances to solve such issues. This database inconsistency in WordPress is potentially one of the most mainstream and frightening bugs of WordPress clients might encounter. It’s positively a synchronization with the white screen of death [Read More]

WordPress CMS

Future of WordPress CMS – After 5 Years from Now

Before we get on with discussing the future of WordPress CMS let us define some basic terms that you might notice in the article. The software, WordPress, is an open-source platform designed to provide a well-architected self-publishing system. It is built on MySQL and PHP licensed under GPLv2. According to the statistics WordPress powers approximately [Read More]

AMP WordPress Themes

Top 5 Best AMP WordPress themes and Plugins in 2020

WordPress technology is growing at and rapid. New technology innovation is being invented to boost the quality of WordPress websites. AMP WordPress themes and plugins are one of the top WordPress technology innovations in 2020. All of these featured themes are highly compatible with modern WordPress based themes. These AMP WordPress themes and plugins help [Read More]