Infographic: 3 Reasons Behind the Need for Smart Cities

The smart city is an evolving concept. New technology is helping us build city infrastructure that increases the safety of city residents while improving their day-to-day life in other areas. Smart cities have arisen both due to the availability of the latest technology and due to the evolving needs of city officials. This latest post by StoragePipe Solutions explores three of the reasons behind the need for smart cities.

1. Growing Population

The latest data shows that currently, about half the world’s population live in major cities. And by 2050, more than 2/3rd of the world’s population will live in major cities. This population growth highlights the importance of smart city planning and the use of technology such as traffic light monitoring, to help mitigate problems with traffic jams and pollution while city populations are on the rise.

2. Vehicle Safety Issues

With more vehicles on the road, more collisions are set to occur. Currently, there are 1.3million traffic related fatalities per year. Autonomous vehicles connected via a smart device to city control centers can be used to control traffic flow and to minimize the number of accidents on roads across the country. The latest data suggests the full roll-out of autonomous vehicles could help reduce collision rates by much as 85%.

3. Changes in How We Communicate

There are now more devices in use than ever before. In 2016, there were 1.6 billion smart devices in use around the globe, which was a 39% increase from 2015. And by 2018 there will be double the 2016 figures, at 3.3 billion devices in use globally. We’re now texting and using apps to communicate rather than calling via dedicated lines, and this change means city official can now use smart technology infrastructure to communicate with residents and build more closely connected communities.

The team at StoragePipe Solutions has all the details on the latest smart city developments. To learn more, take a look at the company’s newest infographic, here.

Smart Cities

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