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7 Best Android and iPhone Mobile Games to Play Offline

It is not always that you want to go online and mingle with people when you are playing games on your smart phones. Sometimes you just prefer to stay offline and enjoy the game in solitude. Today we will share with you our list of games that are sure to kill time without letting you be bored – ones that you can play offline in your own company.

Play Offline

So, without further ado, let us get down to find

Best Android and iPhone Mobile Games to Play Offline

1. Alto’s Odyssey

Initially, this game might seem a bit drag and appear like the same old endless running sequence, but once you get the hang of it, the game is pretty interesting. Usually, with running games you find yourself hyped up with the music and too many things to do. But this one makes for a calming and relaxing experience.

In terms of genre and features, the game may not be an extraordinary one but it is sure to keep you hooked.

2. Smash Hit

If you are into old fashioned shooting games which you can play offline then Smash Hit is the go-to option for you. It was titled the most addictive mobile game back in 2014. It may not be a typical shooter game but it sure is fun.

Smash Hit requires you to shoot balls at glass objects that are in your way as you are moving through various levels. The bigger the streak of hits, the higher the score and the more the rewards.

The game gradually picks up pace and to be truthful, it becomes a little difficult to keep up with. Albeit with a little practice you will be able to see yourself through to a win.

3. Really Bad Chess

Are you one of those people who feel awed by the game of chess but are not sure how the game is really played? Well, Really Bad Chess is the perfect app for you to play offline. The game starts with a random formation of pieces that are not bound by the rules of traditional chess.

You might have three knights while the opposing side may have a dozen rooks. There is simply no telling what might come up. You can try different strategies and come up with insane tactics to win the game.

4. Mazes & More

You may have escaped many mazes in your life but Mazes & More takes this real-life game to a whole new level. Even though the objective of the game remains the same, it gets quite tricky as you go along.

The classic mode may be the same as the usual maze that you are used to but other modes make it really addictive. For instance, the Ice Floor level has patches of ice that make it impossible to stop, no matter which direction you cross in.

There are tons of other modes in the game such as Enemies mode, Dark mode and so on.

5. Once Upon A Tower

Once Upon a Tower offers a unique gaming experience for mobile gamer given it offers an unorthodox game scenario. Usually, there is a prince fighting the ghouls and monsters in order to save the princess. In contrast, here, the prince has passed on and the princess is kicking some serious monster butts trying to escape from the dragon.

She wields a mighty sledgehammer smashing her way down the tower fighting different monsters and trying to avoid various surprise traps. Indulge yourself in this amazing gaming experience to find out more.

6. Jungle Marble Blast

Who does not like a good old fashioned marble blasting bonanza? This game provides just that.  You are faced with a jungle environment wherein you use your trusty marble blasting canon to shoot out multicolored marbles.

The objective of this mobile phone game is to target the marbles of the same color and blast them. You can get bonus streaks by hitting combos of marble blasts. Try your luck and find how high a score you can reach in this amazing arcade extravaganza.

7. Quizoid

What better than to learn while playing a game? Quizoid provides a unique learning experience by providing you quizzes on a vast list of topics. The game is focused on testing the nerdy limits of your brain.

It has over 7,000 trivia questions based on 17 categories like entertainment, general knowledge, politics, so on and so forth. This virtually unlimited compilation of trivia questions will consume your game time like no other.


We have only skimmed surface details while discussing a list of Android and iPhone mobile games available for you to play offline. There are loads more in the play store that can fulfill your need to kill time – and you will find versions for all the various operating systems.

To access all these exciting games and much more in the first place, you will however require a sound and reliable internet connection; I will advise you to reckon TV internet and phone bundles with your local service provider for the best value for money. Who knows, maybe your mobile gaming potential is in fact awaiting improved connectivity to unleash itself?