Infographic: 3 Reasons you should consider using WordPress

WordPress is easily one of the most popular CMS systems in the world. This open source platform is used by millions of people worldwide and has a reported staggering market share of 59% with the next two competitors coming in at 7% (Joomla) and 5% (Drupal) respectively. The following points are three of the main reasons you should consider using this awesome CMS platform:

Easy to use and great for beginners

What makes WordPress the best self-hosted solution is the fact that it is straightforward for beginners and you don’t have to have an extensive knowledge of web coding or back-end languages to use it. The platform has a myriad of tutorials and guides and benefits from an easy to use drag and drop interface. You can easily drag items and elements into your design and manage every aspect of your eCommerce site from the WordPress admin panel.

Fantastic array of plugins

The basic WordPress system is quite outstanding in its own right, but what really sets it apart is the myriad of plugins. These plugins can be installed to provide additional features and functionality for your website. WordPress currently boasts the staggering 54,000+ plugins for a variety of different applications. Examples of plugins include contact forms, search engine optimization, customer portals, analytical tools and more. Most plugins come with instructions and can be installed into your WordPress site in a matter of minutes.

Superb support and development

The problem with some site building platforms is that they receive little to no support and do not have a large community who can contribute code and ideas. WordPress has one of the largest online communities packed full of developers and coders who are continually seeking ways to improve the platform.

The sheer volume of plugins is a testament to this fact – developers work tirelessly to bring new and useful plugins to improve the WordPress service. If you are looking for help, the WordPress community forums are a trove of information and you can easily create a post asking for assistance.

As you can see, WordPress has a great deal of positives – there is no denying that this platform is with its faults, but it really is one of the best CMS solutions available today. By using WordPress, you can easily create a standout website with a whole host of useful features for both your admin team and your customers.

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